Preventative Care

At Calgary Family Vet, we prioritize preventive measures to ensure your pet’s well-being. We also advocate for proactive healthcare strategies, emphasizing the importance of early detection and protection against common health threats.

Preventative Care

Regular annual exams are recommended to detect any potential health issues in your pet before they escalate. Our team conducts thorough examinations to assess your pet’s overall health status, allowing us to intervene promptly if any abnormalities are detected. By scheduling annual exams, pet owners can stay informed about their pet’s health and address any concerns proactively.

Parasites such as fleas, ticks, and heartworms pose significant health risks to pets. Fleas cause discomfort and itching and can transmit tapeworms, leading to additional health complications. Ticks are carriers of various diseases, including Lyme disease, which can affect both pets and humans. Additionally, transmitted through mosquito bites, heartworm can lead to severe cardiovascular issues in pets. Our parasite protection plans include monthly chewable or topical treatments to repel parasites and prevent disease transmission effectively.

Vaccinations play a crucial role in protecting pets from various deadly diseases. Our vaccination protocols are tailored to the specific needs and risks in the Calgary area, ensuring comprehensive coverage against prevalent infectious agents. 

In addition to vaccinations, dentistry is an important aspect of maintaining the overall health and well-being of our furry companions. Much like human medicine, regular checkups for pets are essential for preventing dental diseases and increasing the chance of optimal oral hygiene.

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Benefits of Preventive Care

Pet preventive care offers many benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of pets and their owners. Firstly, it facilitates the early detection of potential health issues through regular examinations, allowing veterinarians to intervene promptly and prevent minor concerns from escalating into more serious conditions.

This proactive approach not only improves treatment outcomes but also helps to minimize the financial burden associated with treating advanced or chronic illnesses, thus offering significant cost savings to pet owners. Moreover, preventive measures such as vaccinations and parasite protection play a crucial role in safeguarding pets against infectious diseases and parasites, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and longevity.